Looking for local moving companies?

Finding a mover in your city that is reliable, licensed and cheap can be a challenging task. We’ve all heard stories of moving companies that took people’s property for ransom for higher payments, trashed their furniture and such.


Never use a unlicensed mover

That is why you should also ensure that the moving company you are using is licensed. The movers available in the MoversFight network are all licensed so we’ve done that work for you.


We cover 98.7% of the US

We cover pretty much all of the US we are confident in saying that we can help you find a reliable mover.


Shopping around will give you the best deal

When looking for a local moving companies to help you with your move its important to get quotes from several of the companies. We recommend speaking with six different movers in your local area as it will give you the “lay of the lands” so to speak. By doing that you’ll quickly now what a good price is.

Since getting several quotes is so important to getting a good deal we’ve made it part of our system to automatically connect you with up to 6 different movers.


Recommended preparation

We recommend that you prepare for your talks with the moving companies. Step 1 is to prepare a serious of questions you have for them. We recommend using a spreadsheet as its easier to manage but normal paper and pen works as well.

You will also need to figure out how much stuff you have that needs to be moved. We covered 14 different ways of saving money when moving in our other guide.

To save you time and ensure that you’re the most effective in your search here’s X questions that we recommend you ask the movers.

Question 1: “Can you move X amount of stuff from X to X?”
So you need to know exactly how much you have that needs to be moved and you need to know where and from your moving. You should always ask this upfront to save you time in case a mover cannot do this.

Question 2: “Are you a licensed mover?”
All our movers are licensed, but its always good double checking this. The extra benefit to asking this question is that they will know you are serious and a knowledgeable buyer.

Question 3: “How much would this cost me?”
If they cannot give you a quote tell them that you will need at least an approximate quote before being able to consider them as a potential moving company. Tell them that you are speaking with several other movers and that you’re just trying to get the best possible deal.

Question 4: “What can I do to lower the cost?”
This can be things such as using a smaller truck, or being flexible on the move date.


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By Deborah Masterson | October 01, 2014 10:58am

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